Wednesday, September 23, 2009


What a great thought in the name 'Pashupatinath'!Since childhood I have seen the images of Lord Shankar at many places and in many poses. The one meditating,one in a family photograph, one playing some interesting game with Parvati.Natraj is such a famous image,it is as if carved on every art-lover's heart. Mahesha ,the greatest God as it means is a great idea of loving nature!Not to have fear of a snake ,even a cobra! To have friendship with the ghosts!!!The moon at his head and the river ganga all the time bathing him!Isn't it a cool nice thing! The blue color he has always reminds us the sacrifice he has made for others.
His image of 'ardhanarinateshwar'also gives us a thought to know and respect the other sex!So many and many more thoughts in one symbol!!!This two minutes of brush sketch of mine is not yet completed as it should have been.

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