Friday, October 30, 2009

both have a story to tell ...

No matter where they meet ,when they meet they always have an interesting story to tell.
They can easily spend time in knowing each other.They are not short of subjects or words anytime.They know about the world through these interactions.
After all this they have enough time to do their other work in time and with the excellence ! cooking ,taking child to school ,marketing ,maintaining the trp of the tv shows ,closely observing each person they come across and having some opinion about him or her ,keeping record of each object in the house and money management !
Life is never dull when I see them around !

Thursday, October 22, 2009

returning home!

when the shadows get darker
and the sun position is no more a marker

heart is constantly felt in the chest
and the wind is singing the song of the nest

who does care for a cramp in the thigh?
who ever hears our sorrow or sigh?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

life in the third act

these bold strokes of a black marker pen are trying to figure out an old lady whom i saw at the bus stop. she is deep down in her thoughts. in this age there are thousand things to think's a third act of the little drama we are supposed to's a summing up session.
i am quite interested in old people.probably i am also getting there soon.we are mostly not aware of our age. when i am not looking in the mirror i have a feel of a young boy.may be a tenth standard student or so! only when i think about my responsibilities i come to know my age.then i also sit like this with some heavy burden on my neck! curtains are opening for the third act..

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

sleeping beauty!

this photograph was taken in the early morning.soft sunlight is on those soft cheeks.the child ,my grandson is in dreams!looks very much like the famous image of`sleeping buddha'! or i will call it as a sleeping beauty!!

i think i love my wife...

that day i saw a movie by this was on television.quite a common story..repeatedly we are trapped in that ,what is called as a love triangle.may be it must have been happening in many people's life!
here i am not narrating about that.for the first time in last so many years my wife is away, for some good reason ,nearly for a month .when alone i am thinking more about her than when we were we are more sensitive about a person in his absence? i hear her voice on telephone so many times but throughout a day it is there with me. every object and every corner of the house tells me her story.i see her sitting at her favorite places .i see her standing in the kitchen and about to surprise me with some new dish.i see the tv show that she used to see just to know what she liked in i know the meaning of the phrase `to long for...'!

Monday, October 5, 2009

the only way out is in..

when i read this title that day in `the speaking tree' i loved the idea of wording it! it is really a truth.when in trouble,small or big you have to search for the answer.many answers,and many many ways to answer are available with us.but there is a definite process to do it.this process of searching answers is the mind we have all the equipments. just close your eyes and look inside ,there is a way out!
this girl with the schoolbag is in the same phase of finding the way out!

Friday, October 2, 2009

books make me brighter!

सावित्रीच्या लेकी

स्त्रियांच्या शिक्षणाला सुरूवात झाली ती ’सावित्रीबाई फुले’ यांच्यापासून!आज स्त्रियांमध्ये जो आत्मविश्वास दिसतोय तो शिक्षणामुळे हे तर नक्कीच!
girls are ahead of boys in education these days.this is proved in results of the board examinations.i see this change even in the villages.many teachers also tell me about the sincerity of the girl students in studies as well as attendance.they do complete their graduation and post graduation if supported by their families. i feel for them who can't complete the education though they wish to.

this painting is a story about how books make them shine!!

krishna,my friend!

the god to whom we can touch,tease and call to play cricket is my friend krishna! i feel the warmth,the love and the closeness between us.this may be the result of the stories i have read or heard of him in my i do believe that there is no such person or the power around.but the ideas about love, friendship,joy and the righteousness still exist!
in this painting i have let the colours flow and take their course.the figure stands out from the background and there is nice combination of the cool colours!out of many names krishna is called, one is 'meghashyam' !meaning, ' of the colour of the cloud'!!


in this water colour brush sketch ,though unfinished one ,what i like the most is the concentration !the younger sister is doing hair of the elder one.her eyes show ,how busy she is in her work.we are attracted for some time towords her stylish short haircut. and then we look at the elder sister.her neck is extended and where is she looking?
though we see her eyes opened ,they are are not looking in front!she with her whole mind is concentrating at the point where the hair is being done! those eyes..they keep us looking at them .