Monday, November 30, 2009

पाण्यासाठी पाण्यापाशी ..

माझा कणकवलीचा कवी मित्र अजय कांडर आता मराठी कवितेच्या जगात एक बहुचर्चित कवी आहे .
त्याची कविता वाचून चित्रं डोळ्यापुढं येतात .
ती कागदावर उतरवणं एक आवडीचं काम झालंय .

Friday, November 27, 2009

छत आकाशाचे ..आपुल्या घराला

जय कांडरच्या कवितेवरून काढलेल्या चित्रांपैकी हे एक .
संसार डोक्यावर घेवून वणवण करणारी ही माणसं ..
या चित्रात अवकाशाचं रूप छान आलंय .

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I saw it many times .It has all the elements you come across when you give a deep thought on uncertainty of life ! It holds you with the beauty of presenting a story ! It takes us to the worlds of rich and poor ,thoughts and poor ,courage and cowardice .
It moves from life to death .It shows that love is life !
I carry these few images with me .

Sunday, November 1, 2009

..because she is sleeping !

Here in this water colour my brush moves smoothly on paper! Not to disturb the picture on paper !!She is my aunt. `Akka ' we call her....she was sleeping as usual after a lunch when I did this.
without doing detailing , the painting to my mind looks complete.

She liked me doing drawing.I liked the beautiful smile on her face in appreciation .

to let you not hear the music of the wind...

These are lines are from marathi poetry. Virdhaval Parab is the name of the poet .I read the book recently.Truth made visible and felt in bold words !bravo !! My friend and studied theatre person Waman Pandit does a stage performance of these poems.It is` दर साल दर शेकडा'

`to let you not hear the music of the wind ,
they 'll shout out their words !!'

children of heaven

I had these images in my memory after watching the famous movie ,`the children of heaven '. Here I have moved my pen effortlessly .It was just for playing with the memory. I like this movie for it's simplicity in telling the story and the beautiful characters we meet here.