Wednesday, October 7, 2009

i think i love my wife...

that day i saw a movie by this was on television.quite a common story..repeatedly we are trapped in that ,what is called as a love triangle.may be it must have been happening in many people's life!
here i am not narrating about that.for the first time in last so many years my wife is away, for some good reason ,nearly for a month .when alone i am thinking more about her than when we were we are more sensitive about a person in his absence? i hear her voice on telephone so many times but throughout a day it is there with me. every object and every corner of the house tells me her story.i see her sitting at her favorite places .i see her standing in the kitchen and about to surprise me with some new dish.i see the tv show that she used to see just to know what she liked in i know the meaning of the phrase `to long for...'!

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